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We remember the bad old days of storing contracts in a filing cabinet and tracking key contract information through spreadsheets. Folio is the new standard in contract management software. It provides the most essential features that you need to manage contracts and ensures that you stay on top of everything.

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Design your own workflow

Use our out-of-the-box templates as a starting point to configure your own contract management workflow ensuring that the necessary approvals are received before a contract is executed.

Configure contract approvals by business unit and value

Mandatory, Optional or Hidden fields based on workflow stage

Design your Folio notifications your way

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All contracts in one place

Folio is a warehouse for contract information, documents and approvals. It handles both incoming and outgoing contracts. Folio is your one stop shop for contract management.


Folio helps you collect and monitor Credentials that suppliers must have such as insurances, licenses and accreditations.

Performance management

Manage supplier performance against key performance indicators. Folio’s performance management feature ensures that supplier performance is monitored and is within acceptable thresholds.


Generate standard contracts and form letters in Folio. Eliminate errors in your documentation.

Email to Folio

Received contract related emails? Forward emails and their attachments straight to Folio.


Need to track key contract dates? Monitor them with actions allocated to team members.


Move data between systems easily with Automated file transfers. Single Sign On is also available.


Drill down and analyse data using Folio’s extensive reports and dashboards.


Notification rules ensure the right people are notified when they need to be.

Great Data Insights

Folio lets you configure, share and subscribe to vital reports. Use our built-in reports to create your own. Reports can be bookmarked and categorised so that team members can easily find the most relevant reports.

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Risk & Compliance made easy

Folio is used by organisations to manage Risks, Compliance, Incidents, Audits and more.

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